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With the above quote from AIGA in mind, it is here that you will find many of my works of "Visual Communication". Some are for clients who are promoting events, whether in print advertisement or digital special event announcements. There are commemorations, video DVD mock-ups, and some just done for fun. Please feel free to look through the designs and click the ones that grab your attention for a closer look.
Gardens Tower
Corn Festival
Logotype and Logo Design, to me, is all about instant recognition. Whether it is text, a symbol, or a graphic, it should trigger an instant recognition of a company, a business, an idea, even a musical band. It is instant visual communication. Like the icons below, just two letters within a circle. Instantly those in the graphic arts and web design field will know what they stand for, what they are used for, and what they can accomplish in the digital realm.

Xeron Labz
Xeron Labz 02 Maynards Cruz Factor 01 Cruz Factor 02
Black Sun Prophets Renegades 01 Renegades02
These were pictures that I took and converted them to black and white. Then I gave them a diffused look with some glow and blurring. Arches entry Lantern
This was a photograph of some small acorns in a chalice. Acorns
This is a background I created for the Krays website. The Krays
These were some shots of a skull made of resin. I gave them some color and additional focal points. Skull 01 Skull 02
These images were all taken from the same bush. In the mornings when the sunlight was just getting up was the best time for capturing the details in the flowers. I used some Photoshop filters to give them a little enhancement. Flower 01 Flower 02 Flower 03 Flower 04
These were photographs taken at the Morikami Museum. The windows were created using Illustrator and Photoshop and my photographs as backgrounds.
Totem Window 01 Window 02
This space scene was created completely in Photoshop using filters and color. Space Scene
This years holiday display pictures become next years holiday graphics.
Yule 01 Yule 02 Yule 03
Originating as a hand drum I painted with acrylic paints photographed, and enhanced in Photoshop.
The Hidden The Infinate The Infinate 02
Originaly drawn on a drum, and enhanced.
Lotus Drum
Below are banners I created for the Breathless Performance Racing Team website and the racing events in which they participated. To the right are two square box displays I put together for their e-commerce website, featuring the pit crew T-shirts that they sell.

In 2011 and 2012 me and a few partners decided to present patrons attending a local annual Halloween party with the opportunity to have their picture taken in front of a green screen and have the image imposed on a theme background of their choice. The work was fast paced and grueling but satisfying when it was all done.

The backgrounds were all prepared with the text and image sized for immediate printing once the layout was completed. There were many happy patrons at those events when they came and picked up their photos and witnessed the work.
These items were created for a 2010 CD release. The collateral included the CD cover, a small banner advertisement, a sticker, business cards, two T-shirt designs for either a black or white T-shirt, and there was also an artist information flyer design used for both print and digital advertising.
CD Cover
Small Advert
Large Banner Layout
Black T-Shirt Design
White T-Shirt Design
Iformation Flyer
Scan Digital outline Digital Composite
The concept was to create a Gothic style, hand hammered, metal door hinge. I started with the hand drawn design which I scanned. I created a digital version in illustrator and exported as a PSD image. It was in Photoshop that I finished the design using textures, filters and layers. I then designed the door to accompany the design and completed the graphic in Photoshop.
Door Outline Door Complete
The logo below started with the concept of the music notation scrolled through the letter "M". I made a hand drawn version and then took the idea into Illustrator. The top design was the first draft. The center design was created in Photoshop where I added the tag line. After a peer review of the design and some of my dissatisfaction with some of the lines, I came up with the final version. Outline Test 01 Final