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About Me

William Cruz

I am William Cruz and I am a Digital Artist.
Some of the things I do:
-Web site Design
-Digital Images
-Logo Design
-as well as Recorded Music.
All done within the digital realm with bits of "1's" and "0's".

Web design, to me, is the task of graphically presenting information and ideas to a targeted audience. Using HTML, CSS, color, and design, you form an overall theme to present those ideas to that targeted audience. This is all done in a way that that is visually interesting and captivating for the user.

It's all about the USER EXPERIENCE.


Thank you for you interest in Cruz Factor Studios.
These are some of the services I provide at my studio:
Web Page Design | Graphic Design | Logo Design
Photo Retouching | Photo Restoration
Audio Production | Engineering | Mixing | Mastering | Editing
Guitar and Bass sessions | Song co-writing and composing.

Please send all request for information, comments, and feedback to:

Cruz Factor Studios

And I'll get back to you right away.

Best regards
William Cruz